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We're a bridge to connect you to your customer

If you want people to take action, tell a great story

Connecting with humans happens through stories. A story has the power to establish an authentic relationship, lead people, and inspire.


Torris is Latin for firebrand. In context, the word was used to refer to a person who would light the flames of a new idea through storytelling to spur people into action. Torris Creative Group is here to tell your story with our passion for storytelling so you can connect with your customer and grow your business.

Our Services

Brand. Content. Marketing.



With our diverse background in content creation, we provide a wide range of creative services including, but not limited to:

custom images, graphics, videos

sales enablement, web development, webinars

copywriting, content writing, and more.

Reach out with your request and we'll grant it!


Brand Development

Your brand represents your image. It's a fundamental and important part of a successful business. We find what makes your business appealing and craft a story that captures customers.

We define your business identity and establish quality with a fine-tuned voice and messaging.

Assess value and appeal for optimal market positioning.

Evangelize your company vision to create exponential future success.

For more on how we passionately position your company brand for success, connect with us!

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Leveraging a solid brand presence that we've built for your business, we create a marketing strategy to grow awareness, engagement, and conversion through social media.

We develop marketing plans for your goals and execute them end-to-end while ensuring transparency. We value our client partnerships!

We lean into the strengths of prioritized channels to get you more followers.

We consistently measure data to effectively drive campaigns toward perpetual improvement, and maximum ROI.

Connect With Us

We're online, so we're virtually anywhere you need us to be. If you want to visit, you can find us in the city by the sea.

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